Party package

A minimum 2 hour booking will see up to 20 children painted. Choices will range from cheek art and full face to flowers/butterflies on the arm. With a range of colours in paints and glitters being offered, Showtime Art can make your event or party a magical experience.

Girls aged 8+ will receive arm art, cheek art along with basic nail art. A minimum 2 hour booking will see up to 10 girls.
Nail art can be offered as a minimum 2 hour booking. This time will see up to 10 children receiving more detailed nail art. Suitable age ranges are from 8 years upwards.

For a 2 hour party, you can also combine Face Painting with Twisty Balloons or Magic Tricks.

Prices are dependent on the type, size and nature of the event.

Portrait package

A portrait could be a great gift for the one you love. Simply send your favorite picture by e-mail and you will have the portrait within a week.
Price for an A4 portrait: 100 euro (graphite/ pencil)
225 euro (pastel/ coloured pencil)
The portrait will come with the frame and pass-par-tout.
Oil and watercolour paintings may be ordered.

Art lessons package

Art lessons for all ages and levels will include:
art techniques, principles of drawing and painting, mediums;
from basic drawing techniques, through to more complex painting skills;
step-by-step projects for inspiration and practice.
Using colour theory, the principles of drawing can be brought to life. Some basic rules of colour will enable you to make your images realistic and add dimension with shade and light, tone and hues.
Prices start from 25 euro/hour.
Different rates are applicable to different ages, levels, purposes.