• Face Painting
• Balloon Modeling / Twisty Balloons
• Magic Tricks, games
• Nail Art
• Fancy Hair Dressing (theme needed)
• Party Organizer
• Party Decorator

Face Painting is made with snazaroo products which are well known for their quality and safety. Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and are fragrance free. They are all water based. This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers. Please remember that due to the high pigment contents some colours may stain fabric.

Face painting is all about looking good and having fun.

Balloon Modeling is all about twisting balloons into symbols/figures (e.g. animals, flowers, hats, trees, cartoon/movies characters) or into beautiful decorations for all occasions (e.g. weddings, birthdays, indoor/outdoor events, Christmas, parties, clubs, festivals, etc.)

Magic tricks are played on kids at a party as an alternative to Balloon Modeling.
Regarding the theme, gender and age, Nail Art, Body Art and Fancy Hair Dressing are available.

Party Organizer. If for any reason in the world, you cannot organize a party, here at Showtime Art, you found the right person with a long experience in having fun with kids of all ages. So stop worry and surprise your kid and yourself.

Party Decorator. All decorations are based on balloons and party table decorations (e.g. arches, columns, party supplies and accessories).